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Claire Abbott is a famous Canadian Instagram star. She is a musician who has got a lot of attention shortly after she did a cover after the popular song ‘Turning Tables’’ by Adele. As soon as Abbott shared her cover via her YouTube account in 2012, her ’subscribers’ pool started to grow, while the video itself gained a lot of views. Of course, Abbott has lots of followers due to her posts that include pictures with her posing as a model. And she even published an original song named ‘Fighter’’, for which she wrote both the lyrics and the music.

Full nameClaire Abbott
Date of BirthJanuary 22, 1998
Age21 years (As in 2019)
Nationality Canadian
ProfessionInstagram Model & Musician
Boyfriend Dan Bilzerian
Religion Christain
Zodiac signAquarius


Father: Claire’s father’s name is not known.

Mother: Claire’s mother’s name is not available.

Siblings: Claire has a brother whose name is not available. It is known that he has been recently married.

Husbands and kids: Claire is not married and has no kids.

Sexual orientation: straight.

Relationship: Claire never reveals her relationships.

Claire Abbott Body Measurement, Figure & Physical Stats

Body Measurement36B-25-36
Height5 feet 5 inches
Weight62 kg
Bra Size34DD
Waist Size[in inches]25 in
Hip Size[in inches]36 in
Dress Size10
Feet/Shoe Size6 [UK]
Body ShapeHourglass
Eye ColorDark Brown

Hair ColorBlonde
Chest Size[in inches]38 in
Body BuildHourglass

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Place of birth & Studies

Claire Abbott was born back in 1998, on January 22nd. She is originally from Canada, yet not much information about her childhood is released to the public. All we can tell for sure is that she graduated from high school with excellent grades, while she was a frequent player in diverse school sports events playing the role of an avid cheerleader.


Since she was a little child, Claire Abbott knew she is meant to be a singer. So, she wrote several poems during her teenage years. After she graduated from high school and college, her attention was redirected solely on her career. And, as mentioned above, he had quite a passion for cheerleading activities.


Claire Abbott started her influencer career with the aid of modeling, singing, and poetry. In 2012, she revealed her first creation and shared it with her YouTube fans. The ‘Turning Tables’ cover is what mesmerized the public, and identified her as a singer with a warm voice, and excellent performing skills. As for today, she is followed by numerous subscribers from all around the world, while almost everyone agrees she is a rather talented singer.

Yet Abbott gained popularity via social media tools by chance. She shared some personal photographs of her in a bathing suit, and from that point on, she was offered a lot of attention. She was 15 when she created her first post, and the photograph went viral in just a few hours.

Claire Abbott is famous because of her professional covers of top-rated songs. Even though she has her own original songs and poems, she is recognized mainly due to her covering skills. Part of her creations can be accessed via her YouTube account. Back in 2012, her composition ‘Fighter’’ received more than 300,000 views.

As soon as Claire Abbott understood how catchy her posts were, she focused on sharing several photographs regularly. She uses several social media accounts on distinct platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. And because she always dreamed of becoming a famous singer, he constantly believed that all this attention would boost her musical career, too. Naturally, all her accounts experienced a huge success. The commentaries she received were packed with good wishes and compliments, while shares of her photos reached all over the internet.

Mostly, on Claire’s accounts, we can see a wide range of information, like personal photographs, song cover, and even fashion tips and tricks. Her Instagram account has more than 500k fans, and she was one of the first influencers to earn a lot of recognition on social media. She has that something that makes people follow her so that they get access to details about her personal life.

Claire Abbott and recent facts

In 2016, she was mentioned in Maxim Magazine’s post. They praised her YouTube channel and impressive Instagram followers pool. Also, the post became quite popular and was redistributed by more than four thousand people. But if you search today Claire’s accounts, you will find that not one of her social media accounts is still active. It seems that she only uses her Facebook fan page, but this, too, is outdated. The exact reason why Abbott quit her influencer job is unknown, and there is no information regarding why she deleted all her accounts.

Some believe that she deleted all her accounts because several nude photographs of her were leaked to the internet. But other opinionate that Abbott wanted to focus solely on her musical career. It is believed that she went on, focusing only on her singing and creation skills. Some even speculate that Claire was frustrated by the fact that she gained attention only because of her physical appearance. Still, she hasn’t been active on any social media accounts recently, and no public information is available about what is she planning next. Maybe in the near future, she will regain her popularity, not because of her looks, but because of her mesmerizing voice.

What is Claire Abbot’s net worth?

Abbott’s revenue comes mostly from brand endorsements and her YouTube channel. Her predicated net worth is believed to reach up to $1 million. Abbott ranks high in the social media industry, being one of the top influencers and earners. She owns a house in Toronto, Canada, where she resides with her family. Additional information about her investments is not available for the public.

Is Claire Abbott in a relationship?

In 2015, it was believed that Claire was romantically involved with Dan Bilzerian. She shared with her fans several photographs in which she appeared next to him. Yet she shortly after deleted this content. Several rumors and speculations surfaced, and almost everyone believed Abbott was in a serious relationship with Dan Bilzerian. Bilzerian is a famous poker enthusiast, a playboy, and an adept of a lavish lifestyle. He was seen dating only beautiful models. Also, his social media accounts are packed with content that reveals his boats, good-looking feminine presence, and, of course, money. It is not an absolute fact he really had a relationship with Claire Abbott, yet the pictures shared on social media suggest they were quite close.

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