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If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re looking for the answer of how to make your penis bigger. Before we get to the details, let me assure you, yes you can make your dick bigger. In this article we will talk about how to get make dick bigger from the comfort of your own home.

Small penis size can be devastating for men. Whether you’re married or have a girl friend or you are a porn fanatic single member of the society, a small penis can destroy your personal life. No matter what they say, you can actually increase the size of your penis, the quality of your erection and the volume of your semen.

With that being said, let’s dive in figuring out how.

Before we start, here are the best ways you can make your penis bigger, at a glance.

  1. Male Enhancement Pills
  2. Using Penis Extenders
  3. Penis Enlargement Exercises
  4. Losing Fat
  5. Trim Pubic Hair
  6. Eat Healthy Food
  7. Exercise
  8. Drink Water

Male Enhancement pills

Best Male Enhancement Pills

Take Male Enhancement Pills

It is safe to say that the best male enhancement pills available online can get you a bigger penis. You can find prescription male enhancement pills like Viagra and Cialis but their sole purpose is not to add inches to the length and girth of your penis. The way male enlargement pills work that they increase blood flow to your penis which in turn provides bigger, harder and better erections and increase your sex drive. Although the gains may be temporary but they are definitely worth trying.

After thorough experimentation and proper research on the matter, we have selected our list of best male enhancement pills for you. We have chosen a rigorous process to choose the best products that is destined to save your time, energy, money and your tension.

Male enhancement supplements

Male Enhancement Supplements

Take Some Male Enhancement Supplements

I am here to help you get a better grip on your primal instincts on women. Get a better drive, a strong and firm boner, a good size and voila! You are ready to rock. But first, I will give you advice on concentrate on your firmness. This will get you to your benchmark length and with that assured, then you can work on the rest. However, me and my team of experts after thorough experiments can give you good tips that will save your time, tension and money. Unbelievable yet true that our experiments can give you the gift of confidence you need. Often times I see people worried about their erectile dysfunction and that’s a big issue. Well, today is the day I change your misconceptions and for that you’ll have to bear with me till the end.

Now you’re here for proper natural male enhancement supplement. And like most people you’d also prefer to rely on well-known brand and its obvious because its user favorite, worth your money, easy intake and what not. Everyone expects their supplements would contain herbal elements, sufficient amino acids and nutrients that increase blood flow and help you achieve your peak size and also showing no side effects.

I take it that you want larger penis. Better girth, longer in length. For which you would like to know how to make your penis bigger – but for that you need to have proven supplements that is properly documented, tested and backed by medical experts. But there is a faint chance you’ll notice actual development unless you couple up your exercises and the supplements that contains researched ingredients approved by doctors. So, how to get a bigger penis? You have to take a useful supplement and let it do its own work on your thing. I know for sure that this way you’ll notice change and it’s also safe to work on your length and girth.

There are other methods of having a strong boner. We know that antioxidants contribute to our vascular health or I-arginine for increased flow of nitric oxide in the blood vessels. So, what we can do is, we can use the same supplements for a strong boner too.

I understand how difficult it can get to choose a proven brand of supplements from all that’s available in the market. But I am here to save you the trouble of finding and worrying about that as me and my team of experts are going to recommend you some good supplements after intensive research. Our researched brands have solid positive customer reviews who have experienced lasting benefits. With that in mind you’ll feel safe to read my review on the best male enhancement pills for maximized penis growth.

Penis Extenders

Well, the name speaks much for itself as it helps you to achieve length. Now, you might not know how an extender works on your penis so let me tell you about it. An extender gradually extend the penis by applying tension. You might want to ask how traction is going to give you length. All general penis extender targets the penile ligaments at the base of the penis.

Ligament is a soft, extensible, elastic but durable tissue. So when traction is applied on it repeatedly, it extends the space for each cell in the ligament tissue. This allows for more blood to flow in the extended space while having an erection. Over time the extended space is filled with more tissues which results in length extension. So the bottom line is, the ligament stretching causes enlargement of your penis.

Although you may get confused asking if extenders actually work, to answer which, extensive medical research and evidence over the past 15 years proves that these extenders do work and provides visible results.

There are certain tribes that follow the same theory to extend their neck, ear, mouth and various other body parts using traction force.

Losing fat will make your penis bigger

Having excess fat hides the part of your penis making it impossible to assume your real length. In most cases, you would keep thinking you are small but actually you are not since much of the treasure is hidden deep inside.

If you’ve started gaining weight then take some time to examine yourself. See how much fat you deposited around the belly and the pubes. Start with losing a few pounds in the gym and you’ll surely notice the difference.

That’s because extra fat around the pubes make your penis look smaller than they actually are and on losing fat you can actually gain an inch or two because there is simply less fat. This may be is one of the answers to the question, how to get a bigger penis.

Natural weight loss pills help you lose faster and safely.

Trim your pubic hair

To be honest, grooming around the pubes is a matter of personal preference. But hey, with this matter in hand and you coming here with low confidence it’s my duty to do as much as I can to ensure that you have a good sized thing. This is nothing extraordinary cause, cutting your hedges will expose more area around your penis revealing its true size.

Use a good trimmer to clean your pubic area, preferably rechargeable trimmers since you don’t have to deal with wires.

Stay fit

Did you know that your daily habits and lifestyle directly effects the blood circulation in your body? Don’t believe me? Then let me give you some valuable advice. You would never achieve a strong boner if you are under the following habits. These are – obesity or overweight, smoking, increased blood cholesterol level, high blood pressure, diabetes or cardiovascular or so called heart disease.

In case you’ve already noticed some problems in achieving and controlling erection then see a doctor as soon as possible because, I wouldn’t scare you telling you have some sort of serious illness but your condition could be hiding some cause you need to take care of.

Increase Blood Flow

Here is the science behind a firm boner and a peak size. So how to make your penis bigger? By increasing blood flow to your penis. As more blood allows itself in your penis, the stronger and better size you will get. Another way of saying this is, the more blood you can get in the penis, the better it gets.

Exercise works like magic for an increased blood flow in the body. A lot of men has the habit of regular exercise to keep their performance stable. Fat loss workouts otherwise cardio exercises should burn fat in less time and jacks up the blood flow in a short time.

If you are not a workout type of a guy (trust me, I get guys like you a lot), there’s good news for you too. Supplements like Citrulline Malate and Vitamin B3 naturally promotes the flow of blood in your penis. Along with that, PC exercises does the work too.

Penis enlargement exercises:

The golden answer for the question ‘how to make your penis bigger’ and for any kind of visual improvements on your penis size requires workout every day of the week. Good exercise maintains you a good physique not to mention a good fitness and overall greater blood flow in the body. Don’t believe me? How about you read a few men’s health blog and run a few exercise habit videos on YouTube. That will give you a satisfactory answer.

Also, workout keeps your dope level up so you feel good. And whenever you feel good, sex is always pleasurable. This will make you more satisfied and will gradually help to put on your penis length accordingly.

I will share as many penis exercise I can on this website to help you out. By the way, I got feedbacks that these exercises did work and people are starting to get better results.

For a starter, you need a firm boner first. With that done, sit on the edge of a chair holding the towel in your hands. Hold the towel over the penis head and increase the head by applying pressure on the towel and onto your shaft. In each step, hold it for 3-5 seconds and do it for 5-10 reps, the good sign is, if you feel strong then you can increase the resistance on the head with the towel. And don’t forget to do the warmups before the main exercises.

It is important for you to know that penis exercise takes a lot of patience to do and a long time to show visible results and performance.

You can find effective penis enlargement exercises below. These exercises are good, works as promised but don’t overdo them. Do not provide extreme pressure since that can do more damage. So lets start.


Never press too hard and harsh on the shaft. It’s sensitive and can get damaged. Rather, perform the exercises in a gentle and repeated manner with lots of patience and positive confidence. Always watch out for changes and consult a doctor if anything goes bad.

Warm Up Exercise

I am going to systematically guide you through a warmup routine that is easy to do. All it needs is a soft towel.

Steps to follow:

  1. Take warm water suitable to skin temperature and a soft towel. Soak it in the water for some time, pull it out and sprain the excess water from it. Test the heat for adjusting with the skin. With that done, move on to Step 2.
  2. Wrap the entire cloth around your penis keeping the head covered for about 4-6 minutes max.
  3. When time is over, gradually remove the cloth.
  4. Dry out your shaft and the cloth. This exercise will help you get a grip on the penial exercises.

Choosing the right lubricant:

Lubricants or lubes are very vital to help you achieve a larger sized penis. Now, assuming that is your goal now, you have got to pick a high, premium quality lube. There are always alternatives, you may use a good quality moisturizer or Vaseline which is equally good.

I have mentioned a number of exercises on this article you will find lifesaving. You might consider Vaseline as a good alternative and many people like it too. Why? Because it gives a better grip on the shaft. Other secondary options include sex lubes and baby oil.

Always remember never to use shampoo or soap as it might cause skin irritation and other problems.

Lubrication exercise

Maintain a sequence in your exercises. For example – after warmup I suggest you go for the lubing exercise. Fortunately, pharmaceutical and cosmetic experts have lined up and created lube oils that increases shaft length. However, the usual method is to use a petroleum-based or water-based lubricant that also has botanical extracts, added vitamins complexes and minerals for the skin and blood flow. Last but not least is anti-oxidants that straightly enters the tissues in the targeted area (in our case the penis) for quick results. Always remember that water-based lubricants are easily dried off so make sure you apply it soon before the exercise.

Stretches for Penis

Free movement exercises provides good visible results for the penis. Plus it is also a great way to increase your size. One of my friends who knows a lot about penis enlargement told me about this.

So here is how it works.

  • Firstly, with one hand you need to take hold of your penis head same as from the last exercise.
  • With the other hand around the holding hand, stretch your penis while you’re still holding it.
  • Now, rotate your penis in this position counter clockwise for 30 times.
  • Take some rest and again do the same exercise only this time you’d rotate it clockwise for 30 times.

This clockwise and counter clockwise movements will promote stretching in your penis muscles and ligaments.

Now, if I were in your place I would have done it every day simply because it helps to increase your penis length. Thankfully, this exercise can get you the increased length you want and that is why it is considered as the best penis enlargement exercise. But I must tell you that you need to have a lot of patience for this and perform the exercises every day very carefully. Never put too much pressure as it can be the most likely cause of pain.

Kegels exercise

What is Kegels? Well, let me tell you. Kegels is the muscles you have around your peeing pipe. Sounds simple enough, right? Having said that, let me tell you what the Kegel muscles does for you. These muscles are wrapped around your urinating channel so as to control the flow. To that end, think if you could control your Kegels to a point where it would work almost like the way you’d want it to. Perfect!

All you need to do is to massage your urinating channel gently all the way up and down. Make sure you do it for 20-30 seconds, take a short rest and repeat the same process for 10 times. In the long run, this exercise will work your way around premature ejaculation and will give you better control over long time sex.

Jelq exercise

Jelq exercise is an important one and it will give you some good benefits for better ejaculation and more control over your penis. Along with that, let me tell you how to do the exercise. First, take your thumb and the index finger. Now, gently place your index finger around the base of your penis underneath the head and the placing the thumb on the head. Apply pressure using the two fingers on the head and this will help you to increase the blood flow into your penis. This works well specially after some good stretching. Use both hands to do this work and exchange hands after each set. What I can guarantee you is that, this exercise is going to significantly increase the blood flow in your penis.

The circular rotation

Circular rotation drill is more like the stretching exercise; similar yet a little different from it.

Here’s how you do it. Start off with by holding your dick with one hand and stretch it out. Hold it in this position and rotate your dick to the left for 30 times and again to the right for 30 times. Give it about 30 seconds for rotating in each direction.

Keep up the practice every day 5 times a day and you will receive the answer to your question how to make your penis bigger naturally. In the next part, I will tell you about the diet plan you need to maintain for all this to work out.

This exercise is familiar to stretching exercise; however, you can find some differences as below

Keep track of your growth:

Like the exercises, it is equally important to asses and track your progress. This is a good way to keep up your confidence and your encouragement to keep on going until you achieve the target. I’d personally prefer if you maintain a chart of the exercises from week 1. But remember, don’t try to cheat on yourself as you are the only one trying to get better. Try putting in as much accurate data as possible.

Prepare a table in Excel. Watch this video if you don’t know how.

On seeing the table you’ll notice that it’s a weekly chart because this whole process requires patience and takes some time to show good results. For this reason, I want you to measure your penis once a week and record it in the book.

Now, you can be positive enough about this because the size of your penis changes day to day. So, having a weekly assessment will help to monitor your progress in the appropriate way.

Here is what I want you to do to get started. Print this table below. Take the measurements and fill in the week 1 row under the following column names – Erect length, flaccid length, erect girth and flaccid girth.

Step 1 – Measure Your Penis The Right Way:

As a man who wants to know how to make your penis bigger, you must need to keep assessing your progress once a week. This recorded numbers would mean a lot in the long run when you would keep working week after week.

Not only does it help to keep your motivation but it also gives you more confidence to keep chasing your goal. However it is equally important that you do not measure it more than once a week.

You need two things to measure your penis:

  • Measuring scale
  • Cloth tape or Tailor’s tape (any one)

Remaining consistent with the measurements is the key to your developmental program. Take if you measure your penis differently in each situation, chances are you are recording incorrect data every time. For example – if you have measured your penis for the first week while standing, then you must do the others while you are standing.

Measuring Length:

Measuring erect length

There are a number of tools you can use to measure your shaft for a correct length. You can use a measuring scale or a tailor’s tape. Personally, I would suggest you to use a tailor’s tape because it’s soft and flexible to use and you can hold it perfectly to the shape of your penis.


You need a measuring scale or a ruler for this one. Place the ruler on top of your penis and then firmly press it back onto your pubic bone and record the numbers.


Same process but only this time you shouldn’t press it against your pubic bone. Just gently touch the skin on top of the pubic bone. In this position, take the measurements.

A good idea would be to work on the bone-pressed length. That way you get to know how much you would gain if you lose weight.

Measuring Flaccid (Non-Erect) Length:

Measuring your flaccid length is important because after stretching it will also show results on your flaccid length. Now, to measure it correctly you have to do it from the side with a scale.

On your standing position, hold your penis with one hand and extend it till it becomes parallel to the ground. Keeping still in that position, take a scale with the other hand and align it parallel to your penis. Try to get the best record down to the last millimeter.

Measuring Erect Girth:

Method A: In case if you use a string, wrap it around your shaft and after measuring put it on a scale to record the numbers.

Method B: Using a tailor’s tape is easy and takes less time to grab the perfect measurements.

Maximizing Your Results:

Here I am giving you my five golden tips to help you maximize your outcome based on your efforts. So, let’s cut the chase and get to the points.

Living better for penis enlargement

Clear Your Mind from All Worries

30 minutes from your workaholic life is all that’s needed for this thing to work out. Since you’ve come down to read this far, I think it’s safe to say that you are ready to spend that time. But however, I need to remind you that during your 30 minutes you need to shed all your tensions to make this work perfectly.

No office tensions, no grocery tensions or fight that you had at home. Pick a silent room, play some ambient music, make yourself calm and then start working like nothing is going to bother you in the next 30 minutes.

Take deep Breathe:

Deep breathing is an instant stress reliever. Specially, this works well during any workout. A lot of people who uses my advice reported that deep breathing during warmup exercise works like a charm and it gives an extra good feeling. Now, your next target will be to take a deep breath, throw away the negativity and get back to your penis enlargement program.

In case if you’ve forgotten what’s the warmup routine then let me remind you. Wrap a warm towel around your penis that is well suited to your skin’s tolerance. Hold it in that position for 15-20 seconds and breathe out slowly using your mouth for 15-20 seconds. Now, take a long deep breath until your wrapped towel cools down.

Drink Water

Water gives life to everything. So, simply drink lots of water or at least 2 liters because it greatly increases blood circulation in the body. To that end, it’s equally important for penis enlargement.

Believe In It

Believing is half the work done. It gets you more confidence. Believe that you have larger penis and you will have one someday. On the downside, if you keep focusing that all these time and workouts won’t take you anywhere then trust me, it really won’t take you anywhere.


Yoga provides a good balance of physical and mental capabilities and it’s a good thing for your penis development. Having sex is a good option along with masturbation. But both of these in excessive can cause the loss of important vitamins and nutrients from your body.

Eat nutritious foods

Shuffle up your food habits and add to it lots of natural foods like – nuts, veg, mineral water, herbs, correct supplements. With time all these are going to bounce into giving you a surprising erection quality.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a long known natural aid for male enhancement. Aloe Vera has also a number of other lifesaving qualities. But for now, drinking Aloe Vera juice will contribute to your development on strong erection.

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