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Omega XL Review 2020
Omega XL Review 2020

In this review, we’re going to learn about Omega XL, its ingredients, how it works, PROS and cons and whether you should buy Omega XL or find a better supplement with a much higher success rate.

As Omega XL received many 1 star reviews on Amazon and people claiming the joint health supplement didn’t work for them you should do the research yourself and find a supplement that has a good number of happy customer reviews and high rating.

Let’s continue reading Omexa XL review.

What is Omega XL?

Omega XL reviews

Omega XL represents a nutritional supplement meant to aid people that suffer from painful joints. It is promoted as a natural supplement that contains only specially selected ingredients. It is an oil-based product that asserts it employs a patented blend of 30 fatty acids, like DHA or EPA, to offer pain relief and boost the health of joints.

Omega XL is praised by Larry King. He had claimed that this product can diminish joint pain and inflammation as he had stated he can now bend down and tie shoe laces without feeling pain.

This supplement contains an extremely concentrated extract of 22X more free fatty acids than you can find in normal fish oil. Omega XL is a great addition to any lifestyle as it is natural, packed with Omega 3 fatty acids and considered to be the best approach towards dealing with arthritis or joint pain.

Omega XL is available online without a prescription and it can be purchased via Amazon.

Omega XL Manufacturer

The brand is registered in California, while on their website the address provided is in an industrial park. Even though the manufacturer received an A by Better Business Bureau, various reclamations (all resolved) were noted since 2010.

Omega XL is produced by Great HealthWorks in Hollywood, Florida. Although it had received 160 closed complaints the company still has an A+ rating with BBB.

What are the ingredients used in Omega XL?

  • Green-Lipped Mussel Extract or PSCO 524 – the manufacturer states that this ingredient was harvested in New Zealand, being a great source of 30 essential fatty acids, especially EPA and DHA
  • Olive Oil – it is a natural ingredient commonly used in traditional medicine due to its anti-oxidation characteristics.
  • Vitamin E – Omega XL has a high content of Vitamin E

How Omega XL Works?

The PSCO-524 supposedly extracted from the green-lipped mussel from New Zealand is found in high quantities in Omega XL. Mainly, it is an ingredient packed with various fatty acids that function together and results in pain relief, along with the fact that they fight inflammation.

Omega XL is considered to be an Omega-3 joint health supplement designed with the aid of exceedingly concentrated formula of 30 fatty acids which includes DHA and EPA. This compound is said to be supported by more than 30 years of various published scientific studies that reveal its beneficial effects in diminishing inflammation, stiffness, bronchial tightness (observed in patients that suffer from asthma) and various pains.

It is said to be effective because the fatty acids interact with the arachidonic acid (the one responsible for inflammation). In this manner, the factors that cause inflammation in the body are eliminated, having pain reduction as a result.

  • DHA represents a core element of the brain’s structure, the retina and several other important body parts.
  • EPA acts as a protector of our genes and cell cycle, being responsible for preventing a series of chronic illnesses during our life.
  • Not one of the fatty acids in the Omega XL happen naturally in the body, which is why supplements or specific foods are needed on daily basis.
  • Omega XL states that it comes with up to 22 more fatty acids than in fish oils. Also, it assures its users it can really diminish pain and inflammation. It seems like science backs up these claims.

Side Effects

As it was already stated, all proteins that are found in green lipped mussels were removed, making the product safe for usage even by those that experience shellfish allergies.

Anyhow, it is best to ask for your doctor’s opinion before taking Omega Xl, as it can interact with the effects of medication.

Omega XL Reviews & Complaints

Users have several distinct opinions about this product and its reviews underline this fact. Omega XL comes in 3 distinct packages: 60, 120 and 300 capsules, depending on your personal preferences. Even though there are a multitude of reviews or rating, we couldn’t help but notice the bundle of 1-star reviews. Some customers stated that the product had some side effects, while other were firm and asserted that the supplement had no beneficial results.

As said, the manufacturer is registered with the Better Business Bureau and it features an A+ rating, despite the fact that there are 113 logged and resolved reclamations, along with 7 negative reviews. The reality is there are no positive reviews documented.

Amongst the positive on Amazon reviews, most of the customers affirm that this product has indeed aided in diminishing pain in joints.

But we strongly encourage you to do some research on Omega XL before purchasing it.

Read Omega XL customer reviews at Amazon.


  • Omega XL is rich in Omega 3 fish oils, which have been scientifically proved to aid with joint pain or inflammation
  • The source of green lipped mussels might be all natural, unharmed by chemicals or pollutants
  • The product has a 90-day money-back policy from the manufacturer
  • If you purchase it for the first time, you can benefit from a discount if you buy 2 bottles in the same order
  • The manufacturer claims it features only natural ingredients, handpicked and thoroughly checked for quality
  • To the best of our knowledge, there have been no reports about side effects when used with other medication, yet it is best to ask for medical advice
  • Might be suitable for those that suffer from fish allergies
  • It is easier to swallow soft gel pills, compared to fish oil capsules


  • The entire list of ingredients featured in Omega XL is not clearly noted on the official website or on the label applied on the product;
  • Some customers at Amazon stated that they requested cancellation and refund, yet the manufacturer didn’t follow instead, they kept shipping the package monthly;
  • The correct amount of each ingredient is not documented;
  • It is rather expensive, when compared with other fish oil supplements;
  • You are asked to agree to an auto shipment, which is rather hard to cancel;
  • The brand runs paid ads that are somehow misleading;
  • Omega XL is said to be obtained because of some research, but there is none published on their official website.

Read XL at Amazon


Does Omega XL work for arthritis?

There are some proof that EPA and DHA from marine sources can have a beneficial impact on joint swelling or pain. In addition, the omega-3 fatty acids aided in diminishing morning stiffness experienced in joints. Hence, if we take into account Omega XL ingredients, it may have the expected effects on arthritis.

Does Omega XL work for rheumatoid arthritis?

Omega-3 fatty acids EPA & DHA from fish oil might aid in diminishing the risk of having rheumatoid arthritis or even deal with the symptoms, mostly in the early onset of the disease. Yet it does not seem it is able to slow down the progression of such health issue.


It was observed that several customers supported the fact that this product has beneficial effects on someone’s health. At the same time, other customers shared the idea that the product does not deliver on the promised result. Hence, if you enjoy eating fish, you might want to opt for consuming healthy salmon or tuna at least two times per week to get the proper amounts of Omega 3.

Omega 3 fatty acids are not considered a novelty in joint care, as they are commonly used to deal with inflammation and joint pain. Mostly, the fatty acids are quite efficient and considered to be safe. But there is no actual need to improve a joint pain relief capsule with minerals meant to boost the health for bones or muscles.

Bones are linked by joints in order to allow easy movement, as we age joint issues can lead to pain and difficulty in undergoing day to day tasks. Several conditions result joint pain including aging or untreated sports injuries. A good, professional joint aid product might aid in repairing the damaged tissue and support stronger joints, that are less prone to future degeneration.

Keep in mind that if you have fish allergies or simply dislike ingesting larger fish oil capsules, the price of this supplement might be worth.

Even though it is said that the ingredients in Omega XL were studied for 30 years, there is scarce to no evidence to support this statement, including the idea that it aids in asthma control. Moreover, note the fact that part of this evidence was not obtained via human trials. Various customer complaints about Omega XL state that it does not feature enough concentration of active ingredients in order to provide the acclaimed beneficial effects.

When taking Omega 3 supplements, it is best to know where that product was produced. Omega XL claims to contain ingredients obtained from pollution-free zones. Of course, if Larry King was so impressed by this supplement’s beneficial effects on his joints that he does not feel any pain anymore, we can start to believe it, too.

Bottom Line:

As it is the case with any kind of nutritional supplement, it is always best to ask for Professional advice before taking it.

Being supported by a celebrity, does not make Omega XL the best on the market, as there are other available products that seem more reliable. So, we searched on Amazon for the best joint supplements and came up with the list with the top Omega 3 joint supplements that are worth trying, you can find them on top of this article.

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